Winter arrived sparkling white and brutal cold. It always surprises me when it comes. As though it had just left. Time does that to me. It moves so fast and whirls me around until I am back to where it all started. But one year older. A year wiser perhaps. Most certainly one year more aware of the unyielding passing of time…yet it seems to catch me off guard once again.

I had to force myself to write this. I was so motivated 2 and a half years ago.  I started this blog, I carried around a bag full of magazine pages that sparked my creativity and my wheels were consistently twirling with wonderful words and ideas. I saw myself at the top of the pile, sharing myself with the world.

Then it stopped.


Oh, it feels so good to write this all out loud.


I’m finally gathering the strength to crawl out of it. It’s been an emotional two years.

Every day lately seems to be on board. I want that sense of accomplishment more than anything…

…my eyes are adjusting to the glaring snow. My breath to the frigid air. And my mind is starting to surrender into a peaceful acceptance that although time moves on, life is best lived in the moment.



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