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hindsight is a real bitch

I was 13 when I had my first drink. At least one that led to a total blackout. Maybe I'd had a taste before when I was younger but not like this. This time I was dead weight in my fathers arms on a gorgeous September evening. Now being a parent myself I can only… READ MORE

fyi. life is not an abbreviation.

I get it. Personally, I hate writing capital letters. It stops my flow when the words are actually and finally breaking through. Sometimes I find myself trying to write as fast as I can so I'm not late for work. But, you can't rush moments. Feeling. Breathing. Life. I know we're all pressed for time. But… READ MORE

what is love

I've been sweating over a Valentine's post for weeks now. I tried to write about the heart and it's precarious balance of fragility and will. It became a daunting task. I tried to recall the loves of my life. I imagined a sweet and gentle stroll down memory lane. But that jaunt was quickly paved with sharp, crushed shards of my poor… READ MORE