Where the hell is spring…

This winter was (it’s March…can we call it over?) my least favorite on record. Cold, grey, flu ridden and dishwasher-less. There was a new punch around every corner.  And for many a moment, I went dark.

I would like to say I cocooned. Got all cozy in a furry blanket nest and watched my favorite shows. Drank tea, ate cake, caught up on reading and snuggled in.  And I guess I did do a few of those things, but neither happy nor precious mind rest ever really kicked in. I was cold. I was worried. I deepened my furrowed brow. On edge. Sometimes panic stricken. Sometimes just empty. All the time wishing my heart would lighten up and I’d find the energy to transfer the whirling words in my head out into the world in some way.

This is the first time I’ve typed on this site for months.

I feel better already.

Will try to keep this up…as the sun rises brighter and the evenings last longer.

Happy almost spring my loves.

Starting fresh. Starting now.



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