Spring has sprung

My 13 year old son asked me why I wasn’t writing anymore.  I had such a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm when I first started this blog 2 years ago, and then it faded. Slowly. Gradually. Until I simply didn’t log in so I wouldn’t feel badly for not posting.  Amazing how the mind can focus on the one obstacle (my motivation) rather than the hundreds of open doors (my creativity, my heart…the need to get my fingers typing!).

So, with the arrival of spring. The coming of the warmer sun, the melting snow and the upcoming evenings of baseball practice and drivers ed (when did that happen!?), I will create my own schedule of returning here. To the place where I feel the most like me. Where my words can flow. Where my heart and head find peace. And where my 13 year old can see his mom back at it. Climbing over the obstacle and through the open doors.

Happy spring to all. Happy awakening to me.



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