Fall into something magic

I don’t know how it happened. Somehow I missed the summer days I was expecting. Long, leisurely mornings in the sun’s warmth. Straw hat shading my eyes as I wrote furiously. All the wild and swirling thoughts in my head pouring out onto the pages as my coffee cooled beside me. Such lovely intentions. And as I waited for those days to come, they slipped past me and suddenly it was fall.

This summer was one of change. One of travel and chaos. One of family and peace. It was a summer I felt deep. A summer where the reality of time passing struck me down. A summer when I saw how people grow, how ready or not, life comes. And life moves on. Every moment rushing at you as you try to capture it. Try to live it to the fullest. It was exhausting. It was heart wrenching. It was beautiful.

So now it’s fall and while the changes keep on coming,  this season has always brought me a sense of peace. Perhaps it was my love of school. Perhaps the cool, blue-sky days. I can wear my favorite sweaters. Drink my favorite tea. I feel more in control over my ever active mind.

I’m ready to embrace the autumn air. Bring on the football games. The homework. Even the lunch packing. I welcome this very fall with open arms. This will be the season for me to put myself out there. For my writing to make a comeback. For my many thoughts to organize. To fall into place. This is going to be the season for my coffee to cool beside me. This is my season. My favorite season to shine.

Let’s love. Let’s laugh. Let’s live.



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