address books are coming back! could cursive be next?

i searched high and low last year to replace my tried, true and tattered address book. it was a beautiful  hard cover book with drawings of angels and positive, lovely quotes scattered throughout that my parents had given me. the pages were rumpled with use and finally space was running out as i was trying to follow my friends and family as they moved  from home to college and then landing in various places in the world before settling in for a while. in fact some of them are still roaming.

so, i went out to find another book. a new address book which i would fill with neat handwrittencontact information, one that i liked to thumb through and see notes i’d jotted in the lines with birth dates and ink drawn doodles as I reached out and talked to my dear friends and family listed within.

and there were none to be found. i searched boutique stores and box stores, even online. there were the basics but nothing with the heart that i was looking for. did we go so strong into the digital age that we forgot the basic beauty of a hand written card? of keeping our connections written on actual paper somewhere?

i finally found a cute little black book and painstakingly entered in all the addresses and added some new. i kept my old book for a while. it represented my own years of growing and seeking the places i would finally call home. from Bethel to Boston, Seattle and back, it kept me connected to those i cared for and i knew cared back.

so, yesterday while browsing my local book store i couldn’t believe myeyes when i saw an entire shelf of address books. finally! granted there were only 6 on the shelf and i don’t know how long they’d been there or how long they’ll stay but it gave me hope. hope that letters still exist. that we can take the time to write a few words on a thoughtful card, or even a scrap of paper, put it in an envelope and address it. $.49 later and a priceless piece of your heart is on its journey. landing in someones physical mailbox a few days and many miles later. sealed by actual hand. sent with genuine love.



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