grass stains

At first I felt like a laundress.  Surrounded by piles of clean clothes and dirty towels creating an obstacle course on the entire second floor,  I was scrubbing grass stains out of my son’s Nike “tights” when suddenly it dawned on me that grass stains are a beautiful thing.

In a world of screens, over scheduling and caution signs,  grass stains are evidence of a day –  of a moment  – of real honest play. Of rolling around, of getting dirty without a thought of the smudges left behind. Those bright green stubborn stains are proof of a life lived to the fullest.

So I kept scrubbing them away as best I could but did it with a smile… secure that at least for right now, at this time, my kids are on the right path.

I wish my children many more years of grass stains, of dirty scrapes and chocolate milk stained mouths…and I realize that to be truly happy, I wish the same for me.


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