how low can you go?

no, don’t cue the limbo music just yet. i mean really low…where your brain just melts and you struggle to go through the motions. i mean tears in your eyes, heavy limbs and no appetite. i mean low.

i know. i can go low. understanding that is the first step in climbing up.

i read an article recently about embracing the darkness and i get that. but embrace it so you learn from it and don’t let it drag you under.

reach out to someone, anyone in person, online…a doctor, friend, parent. it took me years to realize that not everyone would get these ebbs and flows. not everyone was being sucked into a whirlpool of heavy dread on a regular basis. not everyone understood what it feels like to wait for a break of light to catch a breath.

know you are not alone. that it’s part of you but not the only part and not the most important part. reach out. the light is there waiting. you are stronger than the darkness. rise up and show it who’s boss. love is waiting on the other side.

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