shop with heart

One of my earliest memories is walking through a store (Ames, perhaps? it was the 70’s in Maine!) with a $10 bill that my parents gave me to choose a gift for a girl my age whose parents couldn’t afford to buy presents for Christmas. We never had Santa growing up so I was well aware that every wrapped box under the tree was from my parents. I was also well aware that those thoughtfully chosen presents were a gift…not a given.

I’ve never strayed from wanting to give more than to receive. Yes, I love gifts and would be untruthful if I said I didn’t want a surprise under the holiday tree. But I’ve found my heart more open when I give…and especially when I give just the right gift.

It is somewhat of an art form – you have to be able to read the recipient, pay attention to their likes, their habits and find just that perfect special unique something that will bring them a smile..a sense of simple joy. And so as we get a little closer to the holidays I’ve decided to share some ideas for those special people in your life.

And this is not to be all consumer driven….there are some wonderful organizations you can gift donations in peoples names…filling your heart and theirs with love while magically providing food and toys that appear under an otherwise empty tree.

’tis the season of joy, season of sharing…make it the kindest season of all.

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