there’s a flower in my shower

and a collection of ferns surround my toilet. yes, I’ve created a luscious Costa Rican jungle in my bathroom and it’s by far the most fabulous and luxurious spot in the house.

I’m just a sucker for green. Plants, flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass….I’d take it over the peaks of foliage, pumpkins and cinnamon scents any day.

flowershowerIn fact, when the weather gets cooler I secretly love the leave-less trees. A tall stark birch is my ideal…and with the white glossing the pines and firs so green…it’s all just delicious eye candy. We stained our house a light burnt yellow…a little mustardy, kind of ochre. When it was finished people in town thought we only had put the primer on. “When are they painting that house,” the people would ask. But it was perfect to us… and against the white and green it stands out like a gorgeous proud dignified thumb.

But I digress. I also love winter because those plants come back inside. I do collect extra throughout the summer and have to let some go. Basil and citronella were perfect patio plants but don’t thrive inside for me. I stick to my ferns, begonias, pothos, my favorite spider plant and one lovely green that kind of stays the same size but lives on in the living room corner year and year.

I’ve learned over the years what does and does not grow with little attention and I’ve honed in on the perfect simple house plants that will survive a winter Chez Marlies. Plus they bring in the healthy with air purifying bonus points! Here’s a little article I found to help you choose a few that might bring that green, that healthy and ultimately that extra life into your house (and you) every season of the year. And take it from me…start in the bathroom.

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