shiny new year

in just one day it will be a whole new year. the anticipation of starting over is overwhelming. i’m giddy with the idea that in less than 24 hours the past will wipe clean and i can start afresh. bad habits will magically disappear, love handles will slim, yelling at my rambunctious boys will become a faded memory … read on….

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been really good. Really. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been an exhausting year full of good lessons and grown up moments. Now I need a year of fun. So I have a very simple list this year. I just want a mind that doesn’t worry. Smiling boy faces. Stinky dog noses. A … read on….

hanging on tight

I had back surgery in February. After almost 2 years of chronic pain I was desperate. During the surgery they found that in addition to the crowding of the nerve by a disc, there was a bone spur that had gone undetected in every MRI I’d had. An actual concrete (well, bone) issue that could help solve the … read on….

baby it’s dry outside…and in…and on my frontside and backside…

Here we go again into the cold dry months of winter. There’s no escaping it. I look in the mirror at my fly away hair that looks a constant shade of dull and my face pale and tight. The skin on my body feels shrink-wrapped with chapped hands, parched lips and wilted eyes the norm. It is not a good look for me! I know, I choose to … read on….