baby it’s dry outside…and in…and on my frontside and backside…

Here we go again into the cold dry months of winter. There’s no escaping it. I look in the mirror at my fly away hair that looks a constant shade of dull and my face pale and tight. The skin on my body feels shrink-wrapped with chapped hands, parched lips and wilted eyes the norm. It is not a good look for me!

I know, I choose to live here so deal with it…and that is exactly what I intend to do! This season I am being proactive and stockpiling some of my tried and true’s to soften me up, smooth the scales,  and perk up my look (and my confidence!) for the long stretch of a Maine winter.

Of course there are humidifiers…and I always add a water kettle to the wood stove for steam but lotions are my best defense against the dreaded dryness.  Plus they smell amazing and really, what’s better than that? I firmly believe that the right lotion can change your life.

So, my go to’s so far this season?
(note: these are what I am using right now or have in the past to combat the arid air and make me feel as soft, supple and cozy as the leather boots I’m eyeing for my Santa list. I am not paid to endorse…and they aren’t super expensive easy. win win! )


  • Burts Bees – Intense Hydration face cream with sage, Chamomile and Soap Bark cleanser, and Milk & Honey body lotion…they are all working for me overtime and I so appreciate the treats of a somewhat local company. Tip: Go easy on your face when rubbing in lotion. Lightly rub with the tips of your fingers. You want it to sink in and still be a little on the surface to protect the skin.
  • Garden Dreams – truly local by my super friend Jen Kovach. The Starry Eyes and Beautiful Face Cream go on at night and they absorb right in while I contentedly slumber. The Starry Eyes also has arnica in it which I love for my puffy peepers.
  • Coconut Oil – a dear friend whipped it up for me one day with some essential oils and it’s fabulous for smoothing on the skin. One disclaimer on oils is that they can get spotty on clothes…leaving a little stain I’ve noticed but luckily I’m generally in sweats, pjs or nothing (eek!) when I put it on.
  • Ginger Souffle from Origins. I’m an Origins ginger lotion nut. So soft and such an incredible smell – spicy and sassy. It’s my all time favorite. Available online or at Origins stores. This is what heaven feels like to me. Another Origins fave – the youth renewing oil. Just a dab will do ya. Smooth all over and let it sink in and soften.
  • Nubian Heritage hand lotion – I have the Lavender and Wildflower and it’s divine. I picked it up at Spice & Grain in Fryeburg.

Hair…well…I’m still trying to find the best treatment for my naturally curly, prone to fly away do. Right now I’m using Jason Moisturizing Aloe Vera shampoo and a leave in conditioner called Deva for curly hair.   I wash my hair every two or three days to keep the moisture in and the  frizz to a minimum. I hear good things about coconut oil but I know it can be a fine line between moisturized and greasy so start light. Don’t use tight elastics as it will pull and break prone to frizzy hair.
Share some tips of yours if you have any…I could use the help!

Oh and don’t forget the lips! Garden Dreams and Burts Bees both have amazing salves for luscious lips. And I stick to good old fashioned Vaseline at night and in the morning to keep my pucker pretty.

It’s a constant struggle to hold onto as much moisture as possible for hands that don’t hurt, skin that doesn’t burn and smiles that don’t sting. Take a little time to pay more attention to these little things this winter…they can make a big difference that radiates from the outside in.
Happy wintering! xo


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