Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good. Really. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been an exhausting year full of good lessons and grown up moments. Now I need a year of fun.
So I have a very simple list this year.

I just want a mind that doesn’t worry.
Smiling boy faces. Stinky dog noses. A body that stands up straight.

Scrumptious smells. Fluid moves. Smart conversation and funny talks. I want a lot of funny talks. With just a gentle touch of sarcasm.

Silver rings. Soft scarves. Music that makes me want to dance. Short car rides.
To finish something…anything! An abundance of love. to give and to get.

The power of self expression. Pretty hair. Hope.

How about a year of happy news. Intelligent wit and quiet moments.
Cashmere snuggles. And just enough chocolate whenever I want it.

I could really use some extra energy and fine note paper to write my adventures on. (How about adding a few adventures in there too?) with a classic ink pen that scratches along the paper.
To use my words. And to stand behind them.

Hugs. Boy hugs. Time to slow down.
To be in the present always so I can drink in every drop of life. Of My boys. Of My house. Of My self. Carefree days. Restful nights. Warm lake water. Silky sheets. Good coffee. Strong shoulders. Security. To trust my instincts. And to act on them. To be peaceful when possible and a warrior when needed.

To be me.

I promise to give back love, joy and peace. To give my all to make the world a better place. One moment at a time.

Happy travels Santa. May your journey be beautiful and safe. And lit by a million stars.



  1. tara

    Nice work, Marlies. Good to give yourself time for this. I think it will fill you up! And, just this, when I was working at MOMS I saw your boys catch each other’s eye over the crowd in a busy hallway and give the old head nod. In other words, “I GOT you”. It was just one of those things a mom notices.

  2. MRM

    HO HO HO OH OH OH , already packed your year in the ole Santa Sack ,an endless array of Great chocolates , esteemed friends , aromatic flavors of exceptional foods and a bevy of WAY TO MUCH FUN & FROLIC . (extra large dose of frolic ) Much Love xoxox SATAN OOPS I mean “SANTA”

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