Gertie and me

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Oh, I love sparkly things – don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to watching trash tv, joining me on long walks listening to my woes, and passing no judgment when i wear the same clothes 2 days (and maybe one night) in a row…diamonds got nothing on my Gertie girl.


There’s no denying that she’s mine. We look alike. It’s true.
I’ve also been told we have similar personalities.
It’s the one time in my life that I was thrilled to be compared to a dog.

The similarities are striking. We even have the same hair color. Both natural blondes, we love to lay in the sun and let it do it’s magic.  But as my tresses slowly mature with platinum highlights, her’s stay a perfect gold. And her fur doesn’t wrinkle – not a bit. It remains as soft and perfectly smooth as the day she came home to us. There’s not a single hair on her compact little body that doesn’t scream luxurious.
(fun read: there are some real studies on how people resemble their dogs.  check it out….

We’re both social creatures. The moment someone enters the room she’s all over them while I’ve been known to turn on the charm when the need arises. We’re fun. We like to laugh. She totally smiles. And we’re just a little frisky.  (I could really ratchet up a party back in my wilder days!). And if my cool canine doppelgänger could speak human she would come out with the most clever of phrases…with just a touch of raised eyebrow emphasis to make her point.

But there are some differences. Gert is a physical wonder.  I try to stay active but she’s in a league of her own. Muscular and tight with not an ounce of saggy skin to get in her way. When she runs her powerful legs and toned chest carry her straight and proud. Head held high with a constant confidence I can only dream of. Her sweet head only hangs low when she’s sick or feeling ashamed..and Gertie is never ashamed. She never has any reason to be.

Why wouldn’t I want to be like Gertie?

We both have moments where we enjoy being the center of attention. She doesn’t care what the next person she meets thinks of her. She believes that she deserves their attention and she goes right in and takes it. It’s that brash confidence where we differ most. While my 40’s have finally brought a steady dose of self-love and less fretting over the little things, being so self assured has not always been a strong point.

I remember as young as 4 surfing the waves of insecurity that continued to high school and beyond. I still remember the punch in the gut feeling when my 5th grade crush referred to me as ugly…
as a “dog” ironically enough. If only I knew then what I know now.

So my Gertie…she’s got mad focus. She’ll search for a treat that fell under the dishwasher for hours if need be. Cabinet in the way be damned. The girl won’t give up.  She’s funny. She shakes her muscular glutes when she’s happy. She’ll play for days teasing her brother Ben then taking him down with an ferocious energy. But she has a soft side.  She looks after him and they lay together. They spoon.

We run errands together. She sits in the drivers seat awaiting my return and gives me serious side eye when I take too long. She doesn’t apologize. Ever. Why would she? She does what she wants with no excuses. And when she needs love she comes and gets it. No games.
She’s fiercely loyal and protective of our family.
She’s one bad ass bitch.

So I give great thanks to gorgeous Gertie and what I learn from her on a daily basis. Lessons in living in the moment. No hangups. No grudges. Living large. Living free. Loving unconditionally. And loving with all one’s might.

And 33 years later I realize that a simple childhood insult was actually flattery in it’s highest form.
Compare thee to a dog? Yes, please. Just let it be my Gert.









  1. Ryan Mahan

    I would have given than 5th grade boy a knuckle sandwich for you. Your writing sparkles as you do. Love your voice, your insight, and your care. Great blog and please keep writing.

  2. Erika

    Wow!! That was awesome…. I so need a dog!! Always had one as a child – did not know the advantages of having one as an adult… totally different scenario!!

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