I wrote myself a love letter.

Dear Marlies,

You are beautiful.
You truly are. Even when you don’t believe it, it’s true. You are unique. One of a kind. So, stand tall, look back at that reflection and smile. Watch those big eyes light up. They sparkle when you do.
Love your body as it is. Keep it strong but let it be. You look damn good. Eat that cookie if you want to. (but as much as you may want to…don’t color your hair. Your husband loves it as it is….he is super cute by the way. You didn’t land that by accident!)

You are strong.
Your dips in energy lately really suck. But you know you have to keep on moving. And you do. Just one foot in front of the other. You got this. You have the strength to push through the heavy and the tight. Keep smiling whether you mean it or not. Soon you will. Focus. Breathe. Move forward. Always move forward.

You are a force.
You are a sophisticated woman who has lived through many adventures. You’ve worked hard your whole life. Through college, through now. You can take care of yourself. You can speak your mind. No matter what you may have done in your life. Whatever has made you feel sad. Or ashamed. Or guilty. That’s all over now. It happened but it didn’t break you. You are standing here today in this wonderful home. With this incredible life, this incredible family. You made this happen.

You make me laugh.
You can be pretty hilarious. Those monologues that go on inside your head every day? That’s some good stuff. And you’re cool. Seriously cool. Look at your friends. They wouldn’t be hanging out with the likes of you if you couldn’t hold your own. You have had some crazy fun times with so many more on the way.

You make a difference.
Your kids are not so great by accident. You have a hand in that. You have taught them. They listened. You are blessed. Embrace that. You care about others. A lot. Don’t forget to care about yourself too.

You are a first rate dreamer.
It’s a wonderful trait. It’s what makes life wide open. It makes you believe that anything is possible. You just have to give it focus. Feed it with energy. You can create. You can reach people. Never stop dreaming.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes your body hurts and your mind is tired and ready to snap. It’s ok. I support you. Through the dark and the down days. The laughter and the light. I will always be there. I will always have your back.

And so my dear Marlies…I may need to be reminded and I may not tell you as often as I should. But I, I am truly, madly deeply yours.

I love you.
For now. And for always.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



  1. Caryn

    Tears flow while reading this beautiful love letter! How often do we put ourselves last and berate ourselves when we should be saying stuff like this every single day!! Love it!!

  2. Sue

    Ahhhh…..beautifully written by a beautiful, strong, confident woman. I’m so fortunate you’ve let me read your blog and very proud to call you my friend.
    Happy Valentine’s Day……..and happy every day.

  3. Melanie

    Love this and you!!! You have a beautiful way with words…truly a gift!!! And…yes…you totally got this…crazy, wonderful, not so perfect thing we call life! <3 <3 <3

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