fyi. life is not an abbreviation.

I get it. Personally, I hate writing capital letters. It stops my flow when the words are actually and finally breaking through. Sometimes I find myself trying to write as fast as I can so I’m not late for work. But, you can’t rush moments. Feeling. Breathing. Life.

I know we’re all pressed for time. But are we in that much of a hurry that we can’t even write a full word down? I’m guilty of it. Since it takes me a while to figure out what something actually stands for, it makes more sense for me to type it out in the first place. Could phone little keyboards be any smaller and more annoying?

Just call me.

I know. I don’t really want to talk to people either. Too busy for that. But at least I’m not staring at a tiny artificially lit screen while I’m trying to figure out how to stop talking to you (no offense).

Plus, I really like the sound of my house phone ringing. I might (probably won’t) pick it up but it’s a real honest handheld phone. Is that old school now? Am I venturing into the generation of “when I was a kid…”? I guess I am. When I was a kid we talked to each other. The only abbreviation I used was FU. And that was way away from any grown ups. Now AF is cruising over the screens from child to parent (yes, mine to me!) like it’s acceptable today. Just the way people talk.  I found myself texting my kids in their rooms to come down for dinner. This simply isn’t how I want my life to be.

Do my kids even know how to spell?

I had a dream last night about high school. It mixed in friends from now too, but it had that awesome late 80’s high school vibe. We were driving around shopping for a birthday party (I was also frantically packing for a school trip to France that I didn’t know about while chatting to a Kardashian). Point is…my memories, my dreams are full of three dimensional people in the outside world. We were talking full sentences, we were laughing, we were throwing our big hair around. We were having a great time. In a non-pixelated blue sky world.

Without a cellphone in sight.

I get lazy. I do. I veg out shopping for soft swingy tank tops while laying in bed. I watch hbogo. in the morning while stretching and getting ready for work. I use a computer screen for hours a day. But I have lived life away from wifi. I grew up without knowing what my friends were doing every second of every day. I  know how it feels to be made fun of in person. Not hidden behind snapchat.  I don’t know the first thing about how to use snapchat. And I don’t want to.

I want to talk. I want to think. I want to feel sun on my face. Dirt at my feet. I want to laugh out loud without loling. And I want that for my kids too.

We limit screen time but it gets away from us. They all say it’s “the world we live in.” And it is. But that doesn’t mean we have to let it be our lives.

Marlies out. And yes, i’m totally late for work.





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