good morning gorgeous

just look in the mirror and say it. just do it now. no one is looking. keep saying it as many times as you want but say it and believe it. you are the only you there is. you are the most gorgeous you there is. own it. now go have a  kick ass kind of … read on….

grass stains

At first I felt like a laundress.  Surrounded by piles of clean clothes and dirty towels creating an obstacle course on the entire second floor,  I was scrubbing grass stains out of my son’s Nike “tights” when suddenly it dawned on me that grass stains are a beautiful thing. In a world of screens, over scheduling and … read on….

how low can you go?

no, don’t cue the limbo music just yet. i mean really low…where your brain just melts and you struggle to go through the motions. i mean tears in your eyes, heavy limbs and no appetite. i mean low. i know. i can go low. understanding that is the first step in climbing up. i read an … read on….

welcome to my world…

Let me start by stating the obvious…I don’t know everything. I’m not always right or the first to come up with an idea but I know what I like. I know what makes me laugh, smile and feel good about myself.  I know the little things that make my every day more positive and full … read on….

sanity check

Let’s face it…we all need one every once in a while. It’s important for me to occasionally hone in on the actual level of crazy I’m feeling within my chaotic world….and more chaotic mind. This is a great article that gives hope to all of us over thinkers. In fact it proves that we really have always had it … read on….