what is love

I’ve been sweating over a Valentine’s post for weeks now. I tried to write about the heart and it’s precarious balance of fragility and will. It became a daunting task. I tried to recall the loves of my life. I imagined a sweet and gentle stroll down memory lane. But that jaunt was quickly paved with sharp, crushed shards of my poor … read on….

Gertie and me

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Oh, I love sparkly things – don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to watching trash tv, joining me on long walks listening to my woes, and passing no judgment when i wear the same clothes 2 days (and maybe one night) in a row…diamonds got nothing … read on….

quadruple the heart

My father had a heart attack last Sunday. it was the last thing we expected. he never had heart trouble – a little indigestion on occasion – but nothing that ever would have alluded to the possibility of an actual medical emergency. he complained of indigestion and then woke my mother up when it didn’t … read on….

grass stains

At first I felt like a laundress.  Surrounded by piles of clean clothes and dirty towels creating an obstacle course on the entire second floor,  I was scrubbing grass stains out of my son’s Nike “tights” when suddenly it dawned on me that grass stains are a beautiful thing. In a world of screens, over scheduling and … read on….