what is love

I’ve been sweating over a Valentine’s post for weeks now. I tried to write about the heart and it’s precarious balance of fragility and will. It became a daunting task. I tried to recall the loves of my life. I imagined a sweet and gentle stroll down memory lane. But that jaunt was quickly paved with sharp, crushed shards of my poor … read on….

friendly awakenings

I’ve been dreaming about far away friends lately. Some I haven’t seen in 20 years. Some I’ve known way longer. But all of a sudden they’ve been coming to visit with me in the midnight hour. And it’s a beautiful thing. My dreams have always been vivid. Nighttime stories that I’ve remembered well into the next … read on….

Gertie and me

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Oh, I love sparkly things – don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to watching trash tv, joining me on long walks listening to my woes, and passing no judgment when i wear the same clothes 2 days (and maybe one night) in a row…diamonds got nothing … read on….

shiny new year

in just one day it will be a whole new year. the anticipation of starting over is overwhelming. i’m giddy with the idea that in less than 24 hours the past will wipe clean and i can start afresh. bad habits will magically disappear, love handles will slim, yelling at my rambunctious boys will become a faded memory … read on….

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been really good. Really. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been an exhausting year full of good lessons and grown up moments. Now I need a year of fun. So I have a very simple list this year. I just want a mind that doesn’t worry. Smiling boy faces. Stinky dog noses. A … read on….

hanging on tight

I had back surgery in February. After almost 2 years of chronic pain I was desperate. During the surgery they found that in addition to the crowding of the nerve by a disc, there was a bone spur that had gone undetected in every MRI I’d had. An actual concrete (well, bone) issue that could help solve the … read on….

baby it’s dry outside…and in…and on my frontside and backside…

Here we go again into the cold dry months of winter. There’s no escaping it. I look in the mirror at my fly away hair that looks a constant shade of dull and my face pale and tight. The skin on my body feels shrink-wrapped with chapped hands, parched lips and wilted eyes the norm. It is not a good look for me! I know, I choose to … read on….

give yourself a break.

today i am choosing to leave myself alone. it’s not easy but we need it. we’re only human. so, stop, breathe and let your shoulders drop. it hurts nobody else. it makes everyone happier. let yourself just be you today. the world will continue on around. and you’ll be a much better part of it. … read on….